Structure of the complex

The diagnostic complex includes:

1. Device for physiological studies, "CRYSTAL"
2. The program complex for estimation of a person’s psychophysiological condition and a level of person’s development «Crystal» (ver.6.0).

1. Device for physiological studies, "CRYSTAL"

Certificate of conformity № РОСС RU C-RU.AK01.H.02042/19 от 12.04.2019

This device is intended for measuring electro-conductance in biologically active SU-points of twelve pair bel-meridians. It is also used for automatic recording of results of measurement to the computer for their subsequent processing with the “Crystal” technique

Supply voltage - 3 V
Conduction current - 10±1μА
Overall dimension - 135*70*24mm at most
Weight of the device with a battery element - 0, 12 kg at most

Certificate of conformity № РОСС RU C-RU.AK01.H.02042/19 от 12.04.2019

The device for physiological research of athletes "CRYSTAL" meets the requirements of normative documents:
TU 2651-002-0139016864-2019
Manufacturer of IP Strelnikov A. N.
129626 Moscow,
Staroalekseevskaya St., D. 8

2. The program complex for estimation of psycho-physiological condition of a person and a level of person’s development "Crystal" (ver. 6.0)

The registration certificate № 2018662445, 08th October, 2018

The complex does a computer processing of the results that were received with the help of electro-punctual measurements using the "Crystal" method and it also elaborates the expert:

    • To Estimate visually and dynamically the functional condition of the main organism systems, organs, endocrine gland, joints of spine and limbs.
    • To reveal pathological deviations in examined systems, organs and possible psychological reasons of these deviations.
    • To define biological age of an organism and its separate systems.
    • To define psychological features of a person, a level of consciousness disclosing, development of abilities, intellectual and creative activity.
    • To estimate a level of psychological pressure (stress), propensity for aggression and for affective and depressive conditions.
    • To reveal the possible reasons of higher anxiety.
    • To define psychological type on the basis of K.G.Jung’s typology.
    • To reveal potential strengths of a person, his propensities and abilities.
    • To find the most suitable kinds of activity and profession.
    • To analyze Energy Information Processes in a human body.
    • All parameters are calculated on the basis of mathematical analysis of correlation of measured quantities.
      The program "Crystal" defines reference indicators for each person and the deviation scope from these quantities defines his psycho-physiological health and features of mental development.

      The program complex "Crystal" (ver.5.0) enables:
      1. To input the data of instrument measurements through the USB port in automatic mode with the possibility to choose a mode of input and a sound.
      2.To form password protected data bases.
      3.To sort and sample clients from the list according to their surname, gender, date and time of examination and birth.
      4.To adjust modes of viewing the results and of printing them without assistance.
      5.To save all the results of diagnostics and to conduct dynamic monitoring and statistical analysis using these results.
      6.To export the results of diagnostics on any tangible medium (CD, DVD etc.) or to send them through the Internet.