1 TV channel. Television program "Malakhov +" on the topic "We are moving back old age", 2008
A fragment of the program with the participation of the author of the Crystal method, A. Strelnikov.

All-Russian Children's Center "Eaglet", 2004
Psychophysiological examination of children according to the Kristall method in a specialized shift of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

Video presentation of the Crystal Development Development Center
The video was prepared by TB-Stream (Psychology channel - 21) in 2010.

Psychological and methodological center at the college of road transport №9.
Testing by the method of "Crystal" is carried out by specialists of the center. 2013

Crystal Software Package (ver.5.0), March 2015
The author of the test method "Crystal" introduces users to the new version of the program.

Crystal Software Package (ver.6.0), September 2018
The author introduces users to the new version of the program.

People Compatibility Webinar, December 2018
The author of the Crystal method tells how the compatibility of people can be judged by the external contour of the field.