Training of experts

Training of specialists to work on the diagnostic complex "Crystal"

Training is conducted by the author of the method in Moscow.
Perhaps training on the road.

On Mondays, anyone can listen to the overview lecture for free (by appointment).
On it, the author introduces the audience to the methodology and its capabilities.

To become a student of the training course on the program "Electropuncture testing of a person according to the Kristall method for assessing the psycho-physiological state and level of personal development", it is necessary:

  • to have a special education (psychological, medical, pedagogical). Perhaps a different education, but in agreement with the author of the method;
  • have certain psychological qualities that ensure successful work with the methodology and diagnostic complex;
  • Have basic computer skills.
  • Form of study: in-person or online-in-person


    Duration of training: 6 - 7 days .
    Classes are held in groups of up to 5 people or individually .
    Lesson schedule: flexible .
    Recommended frequency: 2-3 times a week .
    For non-resident students: daily .
    Address: g. Moscow, st. Staroalekseevskaya, d. 8, office 6 .
     The cost of training for one person is 18500 rubles. .


    The listener first passes within 7-14 days on his own online course.
    The online training program consists of 6 training days.
    Each day includes videotapes of lectures, teaching materials and homework to verify the mastery of the material.
    Read more about the content of the online course here .
    Tuition is 12500 rub.

    After completing the online course, you must complete the full-time free two-day practical course from the author of the method, A. N. Strelnikov to confirm qualifications (theoretical level) and to obtain practical skills in working with the diagnostic complex "Crystal".

    The practical part of the training course is located at: 129626, Moscow, ul. Staroalekseevskaya, 8, office 6.
    Perhaps training on the road by agreement with the author.
    To complete the practical part, you must apply before the end of the online course by calling +7 (495) 510-08-82 or by email
    During this period, the listener can purchase a diagnostic complex "Crystal", consisting of a device for psycho-physiological research "Crystal" and a simple license to work with the software complex "Crystal" (ver.6.0)

    After completing the theoretical (online training) and practical part of the training course, the listener receives a certificate and the right to work with the diagnostic complex "Crystal" and is entered in the appropriate registry specialists .

    Basic theoretical disciplines of the curriculum:

    - The modern view of a person and the features of his mental and personal development.
    - Psychophysiological and spiritual aspects of health.
    - Physics of living information and energy systems.
    - Methodology of electropuncture psychophysiological examination.

    The content of the full-time study course read here .
    Online Course Content read here .

    Methodical literature:

    1. Strelnikov A.N. & laquo; Kristall Electro-Testing. Methodological guide & raquo ;. M .: Izd. 2015.-102 p.
    2. Strelnikov A.N. "The philosophy of the soul. In the unity of spirit, soul and personality" , Moscow: The Golden Ratio, 2015 - 160 p.

    List of educational documents in accordance with Part 3 of Article 29 of the Law "On Education in the Russian Federation":

    1. Politics "IP Strelnikov A.N." in the provision of additional education services.
    2. Sample contract.

    At the end of the class, students will be given the following document:

    Certificate for the program: & quot; Electropuncture testing of a person according to the Kristall method for assessing the psycho-physiological state and level of personality development & quot;

    The listener is entered into the Roster of Specialists who are authorized to work with the diagnostic complex.

    Sign up for training:
     by phone: (495) 510-08-82 or
    by e-mail: or
    make an application in the form below

    The training of specialists is marked by a diploma.

    On September 16, 2013, a representative of the Moscow State Educational Institution of Secondary Vocational Education “College of Motor Transport No. 9”, Nadezhda Chernikova, presented the certificate to the author of the Kristall diagnostic method Strelnikov A.N. for assistance in the introduction and training of educational psychologists to new information technologies in the education system.

    Education in Moscow.

    From September 17 to September 23, 2015, classes were held in Moscow. After successfully passing the exam, students Tatyana and Elena received Certificates.

    Tatyana marked her city Irkutsk with a flag, in which she will apply the Crystal technique

    From July 1 to July 8, 2015, training was conducted for students from Baku (Azerbaijan). After completing their studies, Elmira and Gully checked their city for the flag, where they will use the diagnostic complex "Crystal"

    September 16, 2013 - the final stage of the educational process. Listeners test each other.

    After successfully passing the exam and getting the right job, Victoria Spiridonova, marked the city Vladimir on the map. in which she will apply the technique of "Crystal".

    From August 9 to 15, 2013 Mongush Ayana studied in Moscow
    (Tyva Republic).

    Specialist of the Diagnostic Center "Crystal", Nikolaeva Olga, conducts a class on working with the program complex "Crystal"

    There is a test of knowledge. Ayana successfully coped with her task and passed the exam perfectly.

    After passing the exam and receiving the Certificate for the right to work, each student on the map will mark the place where he came from and where he will work with the methodology. Ayana puts a flag on the territory of the Republic of Tyva.

    Congratulations !! Now in the Republic of Tyva there is an expert on the method of "Crystal"

    Education in Vladimir

    From December 23 to December 30, 2013, in Vladimir, specialists were trained to work at the diagnostic complex "Crystal".

    In this photo the whole group of the training course.

    At the beginning and at the end of the course, each student must undergo electropunctural testing at the author's method. The results are used by students in the learning process and at the same time they analyze the internal changes that have occurred during this time.

    There is a process of teaching students electro-measurement. The author controls this process.

    After the successful completion of the training course, all students are awarded Certificates and the right to apply the diagnostic software and hardware complex "Crystal" in practice. Parting words from the author.

    Training in Rostov-on-Don

    There is an educational process. The audience has a good mood. Training took place from December 19 to December 28, 2014.

    Training in Omsk

    Omsk specialists working with diagnostics "Crystal". March 16, 2014

    Training in Ufa

    From April 28 to May 05, 2015, training took place in Ufa (Bashkiria)

    Training in Mongolia

    From 09 to March 18, 2013 in Ulan Bator (Mongolia), specialists were trained to work on the diagnostic complex "Crystal".

    The training was conducted by the author of the Kristall method, A. N. Strelnikov. in the Center "Oyuny Hurden TBB" (Head of the Center Balzhinnyam Batmonkh)

    Students of the course actively studied the relationship in the system of meridians. Based on knowledge of interconnections, each listener had to find the meridian, which was the reason for the imbalance of the meridian system.

    After passing the exam, each student received from the author of the method a Certificate of Successful completion of the training course and the right to work according to the Crystal method.

    The certificate and the right to work on the diagnostic complex "Crystal" received Lhagva Bat-Ulziy.

    The certificate and the right to work on the diagnostic complex "Crystal" received Batdalay Tseepil.

    The certificate and the right to work on the diagnostic complex "Crystal" received Dorzh Yumsuren.

    Certificate and right to work on the diagnostic complex "Crystal" received Zhargalsayhan Tsogtbayar

    The certificate and the right to work on the diagnostic complex "Crystal" received Norovsambuu Oyuchchimeg. Oyuchymeg was not only a student, but also played the role of translator during all training days.

    Photo for the memory of all participants of the training course.