Author’s seminar

“Humans and the Ways of Their Development”.

"A person walking along the path suggested by the soul is a truly happy person who feels the fullness of life and inner freedom"

The main goal of the seminar is to give a complete view of human inner world to the participants and to show different ways of its development.

The seminar includes 4 lectures and electro-punctual testing using the “Crystal” methods.
The testing is carried out by the author of the method Strelnikov A. N at the beginning of the seminar.

During the lectures the authors of the seminar are guided by the results of this testing, and it helps to understand the given material more deeply using the personal example of every participant. Further they can use this information for the process of self-knowledge and self-development.

The subjects under consideration during the seminar are:

  1. Psychological Condition. Every listener will be able to evaluate thoroughly his or her psychological condition, features of cognitive activity and personal development.
  2. Human Energy Informational System. . To get the basic ideas of the human Energy Information System, activity of consciousness and subconsciousness.
  3. Human Consciousness. To learn the ways of consciousness disclosure and, according to the testing results, to define the necessary steps for achieving this goal.
  4. Physical Health. To see on your personal experience how physical well-being depends on your moral and spiritual development, on the level of consciousness disclosure and your own individual psychological characteristics.
  5. Life periods. To consider the main periods of a person’s life and the features of their passing.

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Duration of the seminar is 6 hours.
Every group consists of 5 persons.
We provide an individual approach for every person.
Participation costs 5000 rub.

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The authors of the seminar use integral and many-sided approach to the development of every person. They orient participants to the process of self-knowledge, recognition of life sense and ways of development.

Example №1. Woman, 37 years old

This example shows what changes in the psychological state the listener made during the seminar.
Analyzed some psychological characteristics.
The survey was conducted at the beginning and at the end of the seminar.

1. The functional state of the body systems.

before the seminar

after the seminar

Comparative analysis of diagrams allows you to see what impact the psycho-emotional state of a person has on the body's systems and assess the nature of these changes.
The interposition of the health graph (red line) and the green areas of the norm determines the state of health. The closer the schedule of health to these zones, the more harmonious the human condition and the higher the level of physical and mental well-being.

According to the results of retesting , it is noticeable that the health schedule of the seminar attendee has become more harmonious.

2. Conscious / subconscious activities.

              before the seminar                                   after the seminar

Analysis of this image allows you to see what changes occurred in the human mind (thinking, feelings, will) under the influence of information obtained during the seminar and the practical implementation of the knowledge gained during this period.
The results of the re-examination (image on the right) showed that the consciousness has become more open and clear for perceiving the surrounding reality.

3. Psychological personality traits.

Analysis of screen data allows you to see the dynamics of indicators of a person’s psychological state.

From the image you can see that at the end of the seminar all characteristics have improved significantly.
The level of stress, indices of tendency to aggression, to affect, to depression has decreased to normal.

At the beginning of the seminar the listener was in a state of high anxiety, after experiencing a psycho-traumatic situation, he had an increased level of tendency to affect and depression.

During the seminar they acquired knowledge that helped to understand the situation and led to an important decision that positively influenced the situation itself and the general psycho-emotional state.

    before the seminar       after the seminar

4. Activities of information and energy centers.

Comparative analysis of the activities of information and energy centers makes it possible to assess how a person’s inner work influences the indicators of the information and energy system, reflecting the direction and level of personal development in various areas (ideas, knowledge, plans, etc.)

Correct work of information and energy centers is determined by the right spiral movement (in the form of figure 9).

The results of retesting revealed that the listener had two major days of positive changes and orientation in all areas of life activity became correct.

It should be noted that, despite the positive psycho-physiological changes received from the participants of the seminar, the nature of these changes may be short-lived.
To obtain a stable positive effect, practical realization of the knowledge gained and continuation of movement along the path of self-knowledge and self-development are necessary.

Author's workshop in Vladimir

December 27, 2013 in the conference hall of the Business Management Center of Sberbank of the Russian Federation Strelnikov A.N. made a presentation of the test method "Crystal" and gave a lecture on "Human Consciousness and Ways to Disclose It".
The lecture material presented to the audience is part of the author's seminar "A holistic view of a person and the ways of his development."

Feedback from workshop participants

Natalia, 47 years old
Thank you for the seminar, I saw something in myself and while studying. Maybe soon I can work to the end. For me a very rewarding experience. At present, "Crystal" is the only system known to me that can be a conductor or a map, both in the world of spirituality and in materiality. It is very important for me. With this measurement, you can see your tasks for the current moment, as well as a reflection of all mental and subtle processes in the physical body. A lot has been said and written that all our diseases are due to the loss of communication with the soul, and, accordingly, a distorted perception of ourselves and the world. However, I have never met such a complete picture of the interrelation of internal mental processes and the state of the organism as a whole. Your seminar also added several "puzzles" to my picture of the world. Thanks again. If possible, I will be tested in different states. Especially important is the ability to obtain similar information about your state and body condition in the process of passing various spiritual practices or in-depth psychological studies.
With thanks,

Tatiana, 36 years old
Thank you very much for the seminar, for your work, for the information you told, for your book and diagnostics. This is all so wonderful. It is easy to apply constantly in life. At first, of course it is not very easy. But if you arrive in a conscious state and, accordingly, you understand why it is all necessary, it becomes even fun and funny. Situations do repeat. And now I have what I already forgot to think about. I accept, I smile. And your device was right. I do not know why all my life I considered myself an introvert, but according to the description both the strengths and weaknesses, the extrovert characteristic is really closer to me, as the diagnosis determined. Now I know.

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