Training of experts for work with the diagnostic complex "Crystal"


Application for taking part in the trainng of experts for work with the diagnostic complex "Crystal" is carried out.

Training of experts for work with the diagnostic complex
Training is guided by the author of the method in Moscow.
It is possible to organize training in your city.
On Mondays everyone is welcome to listen to a review lecture free of charge (by appointment). During this lecture the author familiarizes listeners with the method and its possibilities.

The term of training is 6 - 7 days..
We also have flexible schedule of training.
Recommended periodicity: twice a week
We provide an intramuralform of education.
Training is carried out in groups up to 5 persons or individually.
Training includes theoretical and practical parts.

The basic theoretical disciplines of the curriculum:

- A contemporary view on the human being and features of his mental and personal development.
- Psycho-physiological and spiritual aspects of health.
- Physics of vivid Energy Information Systems.
- Methodology of electro-punctual psycho-physiological examination.

Each trainee is provided with:

The methodical literature:
1. Стрельников А.Н. «Электропуктурное тестирование "Кристалл". Методическое пособие». М.: Изд. 2015.-102 с.
2. Стрельников А.Н. "Философия души. В единстве духа, души и личности" , Москва: Золотое сечение, 2015 - 160 с.

The package:
1. Author's patents for the invention.
2. The official registration certificates of computer programs.
3. The registration certificate, test report of medical techniques
4. Resolutions, responses, letters of recommendation, etc.

After finishing education the following documents are given to trainees:

The copyright certificate under the program:
"Electropunctual psycho-physiological testing of the person"

The trainee is enrolled in the list of experts having the official right to work with the diagnostic complex.

Cost of training and certification for one person is 18500 rubles.

To make an appointment and join the group:

By phone +7(495) 510-08-82 or
by e-mail: