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Acquisition of the complex

For acquisition of the diagnostic complex it is necessary for trainees to meet the following requirements:

  • To have a professional degree in such spheres as psychology, medicine, pedagogy. Degrees in other spheres are possible too but in agreement with the method’s author;
  • To complete theoretical and practical training course of working with the diagnostic complex under supervision of the method’s author;
  • To have proper psychological qualities that provides successful work with the techniques and the diagnostic complex.

The diagnostic complex "Crystal" (device "Crystal-Acoutest"), the program complex "Crystal" (ver.5.0)) costs 61000 rubles (for Russia).

Training of each expert in a group costs 18500 rubles (for Russia).

You can find out the detailed information about the method, complex and terms of acquisition:
By phone +7 (495) 510-08-82 or
by e-mail