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Olga, 42 years old.
Several months I did not know how to be with my poor health. I just did not know how to start change it. After passing diagnostics "Crystal" my mind appeared clear. It became clear in which direction I have to move to start the recovery. I'm just happy that there is such a technique.

Vera, 38 years old.
"Crystal" was my guide in the world of health. Thank you very much indeed!

Natalya, 51 years old.
At my birthday my children gave me a opportunity to make diagnosis "Crystal" in the centre "White Clouds" (“Belye Oblaka”). At first I could not decide, but then still chose the day and went to the diagnosis. I'm very glad that I had the opportunity, I have learned a lot about myself, I saw the new ways of development for myself. Thank you.

Mikhail, 35 years old.
"Crystal" is very unusual diagnosis. It helps to know not only about the health but also about the spiritual development. Today in the world we have really high-tech in medicine, a lot of attention paid to the health (and that's fine), but sometimes it seems that the soul and the spiritual advancement of man were forgotten. Thanks "Crystal", it have possibility to remind that the man has not only the hands and feet, but also the mind, emotions, will, soul and spirit.

Maria, 23.
I am a very emotional person, and sometimes it's difficult to control your emotions, so, sometimes, I spoil relations even with those people whom I truly love. With diagnosis "Crystal" I realized the cause of the emotional outbursts, and now it's easier to control myself. My relationships with family become smooth and calm. Thank you.

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